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Monday, January 21, 2013

Without a Gun, How Would This Woman Have Saved Her Children?

By Bert Atkinson Jr.


 This gun control debate is getting downright exhausting. I know that liberals hate when Second Amendment supporters say something along the lines of, ‘Cars kill people, why don’t we ban cars?’, but the reason these things are said is to exacerbate a point.

Is it the thing, or is it the society? This is a much bigger question, and impossible to pin down, so bear that in mind before you go criticizing anyone or anything in the comments section. My inclination is to say that this is a societal problem. In other words (please excuse the harsh language), people need to get their shit together.

We hear all of this nonstop talk about what guns can do, and why do we need guns that can do this or that, but look at yourself in the mirror – have you ever thought that you wanted to get up and shoot someone? Have you ever wanted to grab an AR-15 and just go blasting off a few rounds on some unsuspecting people in a mall? If you have, please call the police and tell them. Please. However, I suspect that an overwhelming majority of you have never had such thoughts.

I don’t feel like I’m an irrational person. I understand from where the left is coming. In a perfect world, you take guns out of the equation and there is no gun violence. But as much as I hate to say it, we live in America in 2013, not Utopia. There is pain, there is conflict, and there is suffering. There are bad people that can use bad things to hurt good people. It’s a story as old as history. 

My prediction: Obama had a press conference yesterday in which he signed into law 23 Executive Orders concerning gun violence as he was flanked by several school children - to use for emotional appeal - that could not possibly understand the complexity of laws and the Constitution. Going forward, Congress can’t pass an assault weapons ban because, as many people have put it, an assault weapons ban may seem sensible, but would do little to actually curb the amount of violence and would therefore not garner enough support. Then, nothing is done to address many of the other issues that contribute to violence. No more mentions of mental health awareness …until the next school shooting. Then, we start this process all over again next time.

So how can the elitist suits in Washington get anything done to stop crime? Well, there is no great answer, but we need to – as a society – figure out why these people are committing these crimes. That should be step one before anything. They do not commit crimes because guns are available, and that seems to be an idea that is lost upon many leftward leaners. 

If you can understand the root of the problem, you can understand what steps you need to take to prevent these people from going down a road that ends in a mass murder-suicide. In the process, you will not have taken away the gun the mother in the video above needed to protect her and her children from a dangerous intruder.

Video: http://bcove.me/feqzi1np


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