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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to stop Mass Shootings

By MrColionNoir


Every time there is a mass shooting, for the next month you'll here "the shooter this, his family that" but when somebody stops a mass shooting from happening all you hear is this <crickets>

Why wouldn't an insecure unstable young man who believed he is invisible to the world and has nothing to live for but  wants to leave his mark on the world before he goes so he can validate his life and make the world stand up and take notice of him NOT commit a mass shooting

The media practically turns these guys in to celebrities overnight.  Hell I take that back they basically turn them into demigods.  Don't believe me?  I'll  give you 10 seconds to rattle off the names of 10 most recent mass shooters in the last decade.  If you're able to mention even one name to yourself, that's insane.

  • Whats the name of the guy who had a carry permit that tackled the guy who shot Gabriel Giffords?
  • Name the guy in the mall who had a concealed carry permit and stopped and deterred guy who shot the mall up in Oregon.
  • Or the name of the person who shot and stopped the kid who tried to shoot up a movie theater a couple of days after Newtown happened?
Not one of these peoples names are identifiable within 10 seconds, but I'm forced to learn the innermost details of the sociopaths lives that try to amass the highest body-count?

Then the media steps in and makes themselves experts on gun control and try to vilify anyone who is not for the hijacking of the Second Amendment rights?  I take that back.  They are natural born rights as human beings for self preservation.

I'm sick of this.  What kind of backwards society do we live in where we glorify the sociopath and then demonize the  good people who want adequate means of protecting themselves from said sociopath?  This is willful retardation at its finest.

And you gawk at the idea of placing armed guards at schools or arming teachers because you don't want the kids going to school surrounded by guns but you are OK with making these places gun free zones while admitting in the same breath that we cant completely stop mass shootings and reality has shown time and time again that obeying a gun free zone sign is not anywhere on these mass shooter's bucket lists.

You want to stop mass shootings?  And I mean stop them in their tracks?  Put people in a position to put these bastards down the moment that they open fire or show up intending to do harm.  These guys are corner campers.  They want an easy body count not a shootout.  You destroy the mass shooters fantasy real quick by sending bullets in their direction.  Right then the fantasy stops and the reality kicks in and that's when they take their own lives.

Then celebrate the heroes that stop the mass shootings.  Let the mass shooter die the same way he lived, as a nobody.  Instead of forcing me to watch a guy with orange hair admire his work every time they bring him to court surrounded by cameras and watch every move he makes like he's Kim Kardasian.  At least I get an endorphin spike when I see her.

The whole anti-gun / pro-gun back and forth fight that happens after every mass shooting is like two bird brain chicks fighting each other over a guy who they thought was their boyfriend, but come-to-find-out he was sleeping with both of them at the same time and now he's standing there watching them fight each other when they should be fighting him.  Fight the bad guy, not each other.  This isn't a pro-gun / anti-gun thing.

Meet the coward in the fantasy and stop them.  And don't glorify them and they will cease to be a fantasy. And they will have to find new ways to make themselves relevant.

Taking away guns isn't the answer.  Its a feel good measure because people don't want the responsibility of being responsible for their own safety.  They'd rather believe that the police will be there when we know and  the police know that they wont.  No-one wants to fight for their protection.  They want the government to do it.,  They want to the police to do it.  Because I'll admit, its scary to think that the only person responsible for your safety is you.  

But guess what?  That's reality.  Cops can't always be there.  Obama definitely cant be there when your life is on the line, or your kids.  The people in the best position to stop mass shooters are the people who are there.  Give them the means to stop these bastards and I promise you all these mass shootings will stop once they realize there is no more free shoots.


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