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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

From the Comments Section:

In this video frame grab provided by the New York Police Department, an unidentified gunman points a pistol at a livery car driver, not shown, Sunday, Jan. 13, 2013 in New York. Police say the suspect entered the cab, displayed a firearm and demanded money. He then fired three shots at the driver, Raphael Martinez, who was later hospitalized in stable condition. The photo was made by a security camera mounted in the cab. (AP Photo/New York Police Department)

From the Comments:

RE: #1.  I must admit, I'm shocked.  This guy does not look like a "dusty old conservative, clinging to his religion and his guns" like the biased liberal main stream media would have you believe.   
Well, ok.. he's apparently clinging to his guns...  That gun he's holding must be one of those "Assault Weapons" I've been hearing so much about... since they are being used in all the criminal activities these days. 
Wow.   Maybe the MSM lied to us... Maybe the rest of us law abiding citizens really DO need guns to protect ourselves from criminals like this...  NAH!  The government and the media would never try to deceive us in order to disarm the free voting citizens of this country!  Right?  


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