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Monday, January 14, 2013

One officer's opinion on gun confiscation

Quotes from comments section of an online forum.

I graduated the police academy and college on my 20th birthday. I was a young, green, and scared 120 pound patrolman..(Yeah that's right 120 pounds, but you add a Colt 45 to that 120 and you get a pretty big person). My town is near BFE, and backup is a good 30 minute drive, and that's hauling ass. My 2nd month on the job, I stopped a car late one night for speeding and no head lights, and in the cop world you just sometimes have a "bad" feeling about a person, well I did on this stop. When I approached the car I noticed the gentleman driving was very nervous and VERY LARGE, (6'3" and 250lbs) when he saw me and my size he just smiled an eerie smile, and said Yeah I know I was speeding. OK NOBODY ADMITS THEY WERE SPEEDING, unless they are hiding something else, and just want you to hurry up and leave them alone. I then smelled marijuana in his vehicle and so I asked him to step out so I could search. Well he got out alright but on his way out I heard him say, "I'm not going back to prison". Now everybody says at this point, "You should have pulled your gun", well thanks to my lack of experience and plenty of cops in court over excessive force, I was honestly afraid to do that. Well this guy and I began to struggle back and forth, and pepper spray just wasn't working. I didn't have a taser, and I was giving him the fight for my life, which is what I thought was about to end. At one point he grabbed me in a bear hug and we went to the pavement, I hit my head hard and didn't black out but I was out of the fight. All I could think of was I'm gonna die on this cold night in the street like a dog. And then I heard the most recognizable sound in the world, the sound of a pump shotgun being racked. And then the biggest relief of my life, I heard a voice say "get away from that officer or I'm gonna blow your ass in half" I got up and saw an old farmer standing in the road with a 12 gauge shotgun leveled at my violator. He held that gun on him until I got the handcuffs on. This farmer was at the right place and most definitely the right time.

If it had not been for that farmer and his right to Bear Arms, I would most certainly not be posting this today. He saved my life that night. Anytime I hear about weapons confiscation this story comes rushing back to me just as if I was reliving it. So as I said, I would take my badge off my chest before I ever attempted to disarm a law abiding citizen. The thin blue line is getting thinner by the day.  Citizens need a way of protecting themselves. I strongly believe in the 2nd Amendment, and I will defend it at all costs. If we don't then the Constitution is nothing more than a large piece of scrap paper.


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