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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Putting Guns in Schools Works! Here's proof...

While the Gun Grabbing Liberals and Gun Squeamish holophobes decry putting armed guards or armed teachers in our schools, one fact remains:  IT WORKS.  Many schools have had police and or armed guards in them for years without accident.  And having them is a realistic and workable deterrent.  Here is just one such story...

Good Guys with Guns: Resource Officer Stopped Gunman in 2010
by Jason

Every day we cover stories of every day people defending themselves, their families, and their communities from harm with a firearm. The current conversation about mass shootings is really a conversation about Newtown and how to protect our children.

The NRA put forth the idea of putting officers in schools - an idea that President Clinton proposed as a response to Columbine. People from all sides have come out both for and against this plan. Many people ask if having an officer in schools can really protect our children. Can it?

We come to the story of yet another "good guy with a gun" that seems to be lost in the conversation. In this case it's Sullivan County School Resource Office Carolyn Gudger. Carolyn was assigned to Sullivan Central High School inBlountville, Tennesee back in 2010.

Editors note:  "Resource Officer" = "Security Guard"

On Monday, August 30th of 2012, Thomas Richard Cowan lost it. Cowan loaded his two handguns with a total of 13 rounds and drove from the eight miles from his home to Sullivan Central High School.

Cowan was described as an eccentric man with a history of criminal and sometimes violent behavior. There is no good reason why he picked Sullivan Central High School that day. The only known connection is that his brother is a janitor there.

Shortly after 9a.m., as second period was starting, Cowan arrived on the scene and parked in a handicapped space. Cowan went to the front door and was standing in the waiting area between two sets of doors the school had for security - all people had to be buzzed in.

Junior Ashley Thacker walked to the front door and Cowan told her to go in ahead of him. At that moment the school principal, Melanie Riden walked out of the doors accompanied by Carolyn Grudger. Cowan drew his .380 caliber handgun and pointed the gun at Riden's head.

Gudger, in her first act of a heroic afternoon, drew her gun and put her body between Riden and the gunman.

Gudger, with her gun on Cowan and his gun still on her, began slowly moving back while still shielding Riden. The two repeatedly demanded they each drop their weapons with Cowan even trying to grab Gudgers gun at one point.

"Code Red, Lockdown" blared over the school intercoms into every classroom at roughly the same time as Sullivan County police dispatch sent out the message:

Cower repeatedly said he only wanted one thing... to pull the fire alarms. What happens when fire alarms go off? Everyone leaves their classroom and enters the hallway. What more could a gunman want?

I get that officers in schools is a hot topic for debate - but one thing is, and always has been true, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. 

Putting officers in the school may not be the end all be all answer to these situations, but wouldn't you rather have someone on scene to immediately confront just such an attack?

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