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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Molon Labe!

The caption reads:

"A secret service agent removes a sticker that a vandal managed to affix to the side of President Obama's limousine.  The sticker said "Molon Labe", which is a saying that is growing in popularity in the wake of the latest discussions about pending gun control legislation.  It is latin for "Come and take them", referring to citizen's guns"

Firstly, it is not Latin, it is Greek.  Secondly, this photo is probably faked / photo-shopped   It is highly unlikely that the secret service, who guards the limo 24 hrs, would be lax enough in security to allow this to happen.

But fake or not, this picture seems to be having the effect of a rallying cry.  Americans were already buying up guns in record numbers before the presumed upcoming ban on sales.  And now that confiscation and registration legislation is being discussed, more Americans seem to be saying "Molon Labe".

Photo: Anyone notice something wrong?

1 comment:

  1. I heard that this was absolutely a real photo and that it was not "touched, hacked or altered in any way" and that the SS was pretty pissed about it..... Do you know the significance of that blaze, or "sticker" that is depicted in the photo? It is the Military blaze insignia of the military sniper corps.

    If it were me (me being the president) I would be rethinking what I was doing, but then again, if I were president I wouldn't be doing what this SOB is...

    If this is real then the president is going down a very dangerous path and should reconsider what he wants his legacy to be after he leaves office.