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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Above the law

Congress passed a bill that specifically bans the use of taxes to fund gun control.   "none of the funds made available in this title may be used, in whole or in part, to advocate or promote gun control." The language aims to ban taxpayer dollars from supporting gun safety research.

"I have advised the Congress that I will not construe these provisions as preventing me from fulfilling my constitutional responsibility to recommend to the Congress's consideration such measures as I shall judge necessary and expedient," Obama said in a statement as he signed the bill into law."


Two Killed, Five Wounded in Shooting at Chicago Restaurant

Two people were killed and five more wounded after a gunman opened fire in a Chicago fast food restaurant Tuesday night.

Police say the gunman appeared to be arguing with someone, who he then chased into the Church's Chicken in Englewood. He then began shooting.

Police say two victims died at the scene and four others were currently in the hospital. A fifth person was reportedly injured, but their condition is unknown.

The survivors included a 16-year-old boy, a 17-year-old boy and a 51-year-old man, who were all shot in the legs, and a 58-year-old man who suffered multiple gunshots wounds, MyFoxChicago.com reported.

Friends at the scene said one of the dead was a 17-year-old junior at Prosser High School. "He didn't bother nobody," said Dimitrious Doughty. "This is crazy. They just took him. I don't understand."

The gunman has not been arrested and police do not know whether his initial target was among the victims. 


Crooks dressing in police gear becoming a growing problem in Houston

by Doug Miller

They sure looked like cops.

The five men who barged through the door of a townhouse Monday wore Houston police raid jackets and carried Tasers and pistols.  They cuffed the homeowner with a plastic tie, then kicked him in the stomach and started ransacking the place.

Even a police officer who rushed to the scene after a neighbor called for help momentarily thought the criminals were legitimate law enforcement officers working with a tactical squad.  Only after they started running did he realize the impersonators were burglars.

Houston police—the real ones—arrested two of the fleeing suspects, but three burglars got away.  And with that, the city had chalked up yet another case of criminals posing as police officers.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NRA: Three More Wins for Gun Owners

H.R. 2055the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2012has been passed by the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate and has been sent to the President for his expected signature.  This bill contains three NRA-backed provisions that will strengthen our Second Amendment rights and prohibit your federal tax dollars from being used to advance an anti-gun agenda.

Stopping Your Tax Dollars From Funding Anti-Gun Studies
One of the protections expanded and strengthened can be found in Sec. 218 of the Labor, Health and Human Services, Education (Labor-H) division of the bill.  This section prevents the National Institutes of Health (NIH) from using taxpayer dollars to promulgate junk science designed to paint legal gun ownership as a public health hazard.  Since 2002, the NIH has spent nearly $5 million on this “research” even though their counterparts at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have been prevented from funding similar studies since being blocked in 1996 by a NRA-backed provision.  The following are just a few examples of the anti-gun research funded using taxpayer dollars:

  • $2,639,453 was spent by the NIH to investigate whether adolescents 10-19 years old who were treated at the hospital for a gunshot wound were more likely to have consumed alcohol and/or carried a firearm during the time period surrounding their injury than victims of a non-gun assault.  Basically, the researchers wanted to know why teenagers who possess firearms illegally and engage in underage drinking and consort with those who do the same-were likely to be involved in violent situations.

  • $1,980,327 was allocated by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, a division of NIH, to determine the relationship between gun violence and the presence of bars and liquor stores.  The researchers posited that communities could lower homicide and suicide rates by improving zoning regulations for “alcohol outlets.”

  • $35,933 in federal funding was used to “understand the determinants of firearm ownership and storage practices” and “measure attitudes and beliefs about firearms” among parents.  The study was funded by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development through NIH, and aimed to solidify the notion that a “home free of hazards” was essential to children’s safety and well-being.

These junk science studies and others like them are designed to provide ammunition for the gun control lobby by advancing the false notion that legal gun ownership is a danger to the public health instead of an inalienable right.

No Tax Dollars to Lobby and Promote Gun Control
The second is a new NRA-backed provision that is found in Sec. 503 of the Labor-H division.  This section prevents federal funds from being used for lobbying efforts designed to support or defeat the passage of legislation being considered by Congress, or any state or local legislative body.  Too often, community action groups are utilizing federal money to lobby for increased regulation of firearms including trigger locks, bans on semi-automatic rifles, regulated magazine capacity, etc.  This funding subverts the Second Amendment and allows anti-gun Administrations to fund grassroots gun control efforts using taxpayer dollars.  We are grateful that H.R. 2055 prohibits further use of this gun control scheme.

Protecting Historic Firearms and Spent Brass Casings from Destruction
Finally, a long-standing provision, found in Department of Defense (DOD) Sec. 8017 division A, preserves the opportunity for American gun owners to purchase surplus firearms that are no longer of use to the U.S. military.  This includes M-1 Carbines, M-1 Garand rifles, M-14 rifles, .22 caliber rifles, .30 caliber rifles and M-1911 pistols.  Starting in 1979, different versions of this language have prevented these firearms from being needlessly destroyed.  In 2009, Congress amended this language at the urging of the NRA to prevent the destruction of spent brass casings, a boon for gun owners and reloaders concerned about the rising price of ammunition.


Firearm Accident Fatalities at an All-Time Low

Data recently released by the National Center for Health Statistics shows that in 2008, the number and per capita rate of firearm accident deaths fell to an all-time low. There were 592 firearm accident deaths (0.19 such accidents per 100,000 population) in 2008, as compared to 613 accidents (.20 per 100,000) in 2007. In 2008, the chance of a child dying in a firearm accident was roughly one in a million.


Rumor Alert: Appropriations Bill Blocks New Shotgun Ban—Does Not Repeal “Sporting Purposes” Test

This year, NRA-ILA worked with pro-gun legislators to include a provision in the 2012 Commerce, Justice and Science appropriations legislation to help prohibit the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives from banning the importation of shotguns that are currently legally imported.  That legislation was a part of a consolidated appropriations bill that Congress passed to fund major portions of the federal government for the remainder of fiscal year 2012.

Unfortunately, some inaccurate reports have claimed that this provision would repeal the “sporting purposes” test for importation of firearms. While NRA supports repeal of the “sporting purposes” test, the provision included in the recently enacted bill does not achieve this goal.

The provision supported by NRA-ILA was prompted by a recent BATFE “study” that sought to reinterpret the “sporting purposes” test in a manner that would have banned the import of certain shotguns that are currently legal to import. The new provision prevents, at least in the short term, the expansion of any shotgun bans under the “sporting purpose” language, thus preserving the status quo.


Friday, December 23, 2011

A Familiar Pattern: As Sales of Firearms Go Up … Crime Goes Down

by Lawrence G. Keane

This week the FBI released data showing that violent crime in the United States fell 6.4 percent in the first half of this year compared to the same time period in 2010.  The data also indicated a 3.7 percent drop in property crime.

The FBI statistics undermine a favorite argument of anti-gun groups and some mainstream media that “more guns equal more crime,” especially when you consider that the continuing decrease in violent crime parallels record firearm sales.

According to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), a primary source for how industry and analysts gauge firearm sales, this past November marked the eighteenth-straight month that NICS figures increased when compared to the same period of the previous year. Furthermore, this past “Black Friday” (November 25, 2011) set a record for the most background checks for firearm purchases in a single day (129,166), with a 32 percent increase over the previous single day high.  This milestone was followed by the release of the NSSF-adjusted NICS figures for November 2011 that showed an increase of 16.5 percent over the same month last year.

Of course, there remain two additional statistics that likewise enjoy a symbiotic relationship to America’s decreasing crime rate and growing firearms population, our continuing decline in firearm-related accidents and the record lack of public support for gun control.  Clearly more and more law-abiding citizens are choosing to exercise their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, and they’re doing so in a safe and responsible manner. This fact, coupled with the empirical data demonstrating a correlation between increased firearms ownership and decreased crime levels, is something we can all be thankful for this holiday season.

Editor’s note: I’d like to welcome Lawrence G. Keane, Senior Vice President and General Counsel to the National Shooting Sports Foundation as a contributor to The Daily Caller Guns & Gear section. Follow Larry Keane on twitter: http://twitter.com/lkeane


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tea Party Patriots leader arrested at airport for checking in lawful pistol

By Alex Ppapas

Tea Party Patriots co-founder Mark Meckler was arrested at an airport in New York City on Thursday after he attempted to check-in a locked gun box holding his Glock 27 pistol and ammunition to a Delta Air Lines ticket agent.

According to authorities and his attorney, Meckler, 49, holds a concealed-carry permit for the Glock 27 pistol at home in California, but not in New York where he was attempting to board the plane. As a result, he was arrested and charged with a felony.

“Before leaving home, passengers should acquaint themselves with the weapon laws of the jurisdiction that they are visiting and comply with any and all legal requirements if they choose to travel with a weapon,” Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown said.

“Otherwise, they may find themselves being arrested and charged with a felony – as is what occurred in this case,” he said.

Attorney Brian Stapleton of Goldberg, Segalla, LLP said Meckler was only attempting to follow TSA rules for checking in a firearm when he was arrested.

“While in temporary transit through the state of New York in possession of an unloaded, lawful firearm that was locked in a TSA-approved safe, he legally declared his possession of the firearm in his checked baggage at the ticket counter as required by law and in a manner approved by TSA and the airline, yet was arrested by port authority for said possession,” Stapleton said.

Meckler was arraigned Thursday in Queens Criminal Court and charged with second degree criminal possession of a weapon, a Class C felony.

States loosen concealed carry gun laws

By Elizabeth Crisp

A Mississippi resident who receives a concealed carry permit and takes an eight-hour course can now carry a gun on college campuses, in bars and in courthouses.

As of this summer, Wyoming residents need no permits for concealed weapons. And in Indiana, private businesses must allow employees to keep firearms in their vehicles on company property.

Those and other recent changes on the state level represent a growing shift toward loosening state gun regulations, according to University of Chicago professor Jens Ludwig.

"When you look across the states, they are definitely moving in the direction of allowing concealed weapons in more locations," Ludwig says.

Supporters of the trend see it as a boost for gun rights. The National Rifle Association tracks the legislation online and has praised the new state laws.

Others say the trend could pose a threat to public safety.

"The gun lobby won't stop," says Brian Malte, of the Washington, D.C.-based Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Malte described the way he sees the trend for the past 10 years: guns "anytime, any place and for anyone."

Proponents of the shift say they are just trying to give law-abiding citizens a way to protect themselves.
"Somebody who's disturbed or a crook — they're not going to care (if it's illegal to carry a gun in certain locations)," says Mississippi state Rep. Greg Snowden, a Republican who was one of three authors of an amendment that paved the way for the new policy here.

Alaska, Arizona and Vermont, like Wyoming, do not require permits for concealed guns, according to the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action.

Lawmakers in Colorado and Utah made similar proposals, but those bills died during the states' most recent legislative sessions, legislative records show. 

Florida this year passed a law that would prevent pediatricians from asking about guns in patients' homes, according to the NRA legislation tracker. A federal judge has temporarily blocked the measure. Doctors found in violation would have lost their medical licenses and faced fines of up to $10,000, according to the law that was passed. 

University of Mississippi Police Chief Calvin Sellers says he supports the right to own firearms, but he still thinks Mississippi's newest policy could be a "bad law."

"I just don't like the idea of people having firearms in a classroom," he says.

There have been several high-profile campus shootings in recent years, most notably the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting that killed 33 people and injured 25, and the shooting there earlier this month in which a campus police officer was killed by a gunman who subsequently killed himself.

Aside from the high-profile cases, David Burnett, spokesman for a national student-led group that supports concealed carry laws for college campuses, says he thinks allowing students to carry guns can help in situations of sexual assault, armed robbery or other crimes.

"This isn't just about the rare college shooting incidents," he says.


Contractor shoots burglar.

By Kiro.TV
A burglary suspect was shot late Wednesday morning in Tacoma after a contractor interrupted a burglary in progress, police said.
Tacoma police said the contractor arrived at a home, near 40th and Alki streets, and caught the burglar in the act. When the suspect started ramming the contractor's truck, the contractor opened fire.

SLIDESHOW: Police Investigate Scene Of Tacoma Shooting

Officers said the wounded suspect then fled to 39th and North Stevens streets, where police found him lying on some grass and suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest.

He was transported to Tacoma General Hospital. Police said his injuries do not appear to be life-threatening.
Police said there were a number of items in the home’s driveway, including weapons and a TV, that looked like they were going to be loaded into a car.

Neighbors said incidents like this are rare in the area.

"We're home in the summertime, usually in the middle of the day; it's very quiet and peaceful and there are a lot of people who do stay home in the middle of the day, and that's kind of scary," Josie Turner said.

Police said the contractor isn't under arrest and that, for now, they're treating the shooting as a case of self defense.


Media Silence Is Deafening About Important Gun News


Murder and violent crime rates were supposed to soar after the Supreme Court struck down gun control laws in Chicago and Washington, D.C. 

Politicians predicted disaster. "More handguns in the District of Columbia will only lead to more handgun violence," Washington’s Mayor Adrian Fenty warned the day the court made its decision. 

But Armageddon never happened. Newly released data for Chicago shows that, as in Washington, murder and gun crime rates didn't rise after the bans were eliminated -- they plummeted. They have fallen much more than the national crime rate. 

Not surprisingly, the national media have been completely silent about this news.

One can only imagine the coverage if crime rates had risen. In the first six months of this year, there were 14% fewer murders in Chicago compared to the first six months of last year – back when owning handguns was illegal. It was the largest drop in Chicago’s murder rate since the handgun ban went into effect in 1982. 

Meanwhile, the other four most populous cities saw a total drop at the same time of only 6 percent. 
Similarly, in the year after the 2008 "Heller" decision, the murder rate fell two-and-a-half times faster in Washington than in the rest of the country. 

It also fell more than three as fast as in other cities that are close to Washington's size. And murders in Washington have continued to fall. 

If you compare the first six months of this year to the first six months of 2008, the same time immediately preceding the Supreme Court's late June "Heller" decision, murders have now fallen by thirty-four percent. 
Gun crimes also fell more than non-gun crimes. 

Robberies with guns fell by 25%, while robberies without guns have fallen by eight percent. Assaults with guns fell by 37%, while assaults without guns fell by 12%. 

Just as with right-to-carry laws, when law-abiding citizens have guns some criminals stop carrying theirs. 
The benefit could have been even greater. Getting a handgun permit in Chicago and Washington is an expensive and difficult process, meaning only the relatively wealthy go through it. 

Through the end of May only 2,144 people had handguns registered in Chicago. That limits the benefits from the Supreme Court decisions since it is the poor who are the most likely victims of crime and who benefit the most from being able to protect themselves. 

The biggest change for Washington was the Supreme Court striking down the law making it illegal to have a loaded gun. Over 70,000 people have permits for long guns that they can now legally used to protect themselves. 
Lower crime rates in Chicago and Washington, by themselves, don’t prove that gun control increases murders, even when combined with the quite familiar story of how their murder rates soared and stayed high after the gun bans were imposed. 

But these aren’t isolated examples. Around the world, whenever guns are banned, murder rates rise. 
Gun control advocates explained the huge increases in murder and violent crime rates Chicago and Washington by saying that those bans weren’t fair tests unless the entire country adopted a ban. 
Yet, even island nations, such as Ireland and the U.K. -- with no neighbors to blame -- have seen increases in murder rates. The same horror stories about blood in the streets have surrounded the debate over concealed handguns. Some said it was necessary to ban guns in public places. The horror stories never came true and the data is now so obvious that as of November, only one state, Illinois, will still completely ban law-abiding from carrying concealed handguns. Forty-one states will have either permissive right-to-carry laws or no longer even require a permit. 
The regulations that still exist in Chicago and Washington primarily disarm the most likely victims of crime. 
Hopefully, even the poor in these areas will soon also have more of an opportunity to defend themselves, too. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

3 Principles of Self-Defense

This article is good, though I'm not sure that I agree with 100% of it.  I agree with the 3 principles as well as the practice of avoidance, non-aggression and de-escallation. But never defending your self or your property?  Yes, most property I can see letting go.  The righteous don't shoot to kill, we shoot to stop.  But even so, it's sometimes not worth the risk of taking a life (even a guilty one) over But there are some things that you need that are worth fighting for.

My biggest disagreement with this article is that the author would always recommending attempting to flee from a home invasion rather than fight back.  Really?  Especially if you are prepared (even if surprised) and are armed??  That's nonsense.  IMHO, be prepared, be armed and be trained, and defend your home and your lived ones.  Is the burglar trying to run out the door with the silverware or the TV?  Let them.  Is the burglar trying to take some more pressingly valuable property, or kidnap your kids, or get rid of witnesses?  Is the burglar coming in the door and not out?  Is there a threat and you cant be sure what the motive it?  Assume the worst.  Act with composure, methodically, quickly, and decisively; but not to excess.  Defend yourself!

PS - The one thing that the author forgets to mention that is the WORST thing you can do... is to panic.  People who are not practiced and prepared are those that are most prone to panic.  You need to keep a level head and have a plan.  Training and planning is paramount.  Talk with your family about what you will do, where you will go, how to react.  Arm yourself with a weapon, arm yourself with training and arm yourself with a plan.  In my house that means get a gun, know how to use it, and practice what everyone is expected to do.

The Truth about Violence
3 Principles of Self-Defense
By Sam Harris

As a teenager, I once had an opportunity to fly in a police helicopter over a major American city. Naively, I thought the experience might be uneventful. Perhaps there would be no crime between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. on a Saturday night. However, from the moment we were airborne, there was a fresh emergency every fifteen seconds: Shots fired… rape in progress… victim stabbed…It was a deluge. Of course, the impression this left on me was, in part, the result of a sampling bias: I was hearing nothing but incident reports from a city of 4 million people, most of whom would never encounter violence directly. (No one calls the police to say “Everything is still okay!”) Yet it was uncanny to discover the chaos that lurked at the margins of my daily routine. A few minutes from where I might otherwise have been eating dinner, rapes, robberies, and murders were in progress.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Quick Anonymous Reader Poll

Mexican Gangs Impersonating US Police Officers on US Soil

By  PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie

The news out of Houston that a group of criminals is staging armed raids on illegal gaming rooms in that city contains a very important wrinkle for our consideration — these violators are also police impersonators, and by all indications in the video these thugs have stepped things up quite considerably in their tactics — and tactical training. We’ve reported extensively here on PoliceOne in recent months on the variety of issues related to police impersonators, but today’s news presents us with an array of additional considerations to contemplate — not the least of which is the idea that HPD investigators are considering the possibility that these perpetrators are Zetas.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Colt Tells Connecticut, “You Can Keep Your Unions, Gun Bans, and Taxes”…Hello Florida!

Colt Tells Connecticut, “You Can Keep Your Unions, Gun Bans, and Taxes”…Hello Florida!

by Andrea Ryan

Colt is joining all the other innovative American manufacturing companies in the great stampede to the Right to Work South.

From RedState
Colt Firearms appears to be one of the many Connecticut companies looking for a less hostile home.
To clarify, Florida is a Right-to-Work state and Connecticut is not. Which may be why the UAW is so concerned about keeping jobs in the anti-business state:.
via The Miami Herald:
Colt Manufacturing Co. announced earlier this month it is bringing 63 jobs and a new regional headquarters and product manufacturing center to Kissimmee, Fla., next year.
Of course, Colt’s move may also have more to do with the hostile nature Connecticut has toward businesses, or the largest tax increase in the state’s history that was just imposed in June.
It’s unbelievable.  Connecticut unions are going from high paying, high tech manufacturing jobs to trying to unionize day care workers.  Nobody said the unions were very bright…and Connecticut is complicit.  When the same state outlaws the products of its own companies there’s no reason to stick around anymore.  The message is clear…Colt products are good enough for Mexican Drug Cartels (courtesy of our own ATF), but not good enough for Connecticut.

Manufacturing is dying in the Rust Belt.  California and Illinois, are you paying attention?  Of course not.  Unless, you threaten to leave.


Pacifists now Packing?

Self defense is not about committing violence or shooting to kill.  It's about shooting to live;  Preventing violence from affecting you. And in this ever increasingly dangerous world, more people are realizing how important is to be prepared and able to defend yourself and your family.

Buddhist Packing Pistol Shows American Embrace of Guns
By Ken Wells

Robin Natanel picks up a compact black pistol, barrel pointed down range. Gripping the gun with both hands, left foot forward, she raises the semi-automatic and methodically squeezes off five shots. The first one creases the left edge of a red bull’s-eye on a target 25 feet away. The four others paint a three-inch pattern around the first. If the target were a person’s head or heart, he’d probably be dead.

Natanel is a Buddhist, a self-avowed “spiritual person,” a 53-year-old divorcee who lives alone in a liberal-leaning suburb near Boston. She is 5-foot-1 (155 centimeters) and has blonde hair, dark eyes, a ready smile and a soothing voice, with a hint of Boston brogue. She’s a Tai Chi instructor who in classes invokes the benefits of meditation. And at least twice a month, she takes her German-made Walther PK380 to a shooting range and blazes away.

Two years ago, an ex-boyfriend broke into her house when she wasn’t home. The police advised a restraining order. Instead, she bought pepper spray and programmed the local police number on her cell phone’s speed dial. “I was constantly terrified for my safety,” she says.

Ultimately, she got the Walther, joining a confederacy of people who might once have been counted on in the main to be anti-handgun -- women, liberals, gays, college kids. They are part of a national story: Domestic handgun production and imports more than doubled over four years to about 4.6 million in 2009, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a gun-industry trade group.
‘Societal Change’

The surge has been propelled by shifting politics and demographics that have made it easier and more acceptable than at any time in 75 years for Americans to buy and carry pistols. Post-9/11 fears also seem to be a factor, as has been the relentless pro-gun politicking of the National Rifle Association and marketing, particularly to women, by handgun manufacturers. Events like yesterday’s fatal shootings on the Virginia Tech University campus reinforce a feeling that the world is an unsafe place, even as violent U.S. crime rates fall.

Natanel found it was no trouble to purchase the Walther, a brand favored by movie superspy James Bond, or to locate experts to train her. Her circumstances won her a conceal-carry permit in a state with tough gun-control laws. Her friends have been broadminded about her conversion.

“I’d never considered a gun,” Natanel says. “I thought they were scary. I wanted nothing to do with them. I didn’t think anyone should have them.”

Monday, December 12, 2011

Story of an Anti-Gunner Sheriff

TOWN HALL: Bad sheriff hated gun rights
Criminals want the innocent disarmed

The right to keep and bear arms is a law that cops are paid to defend. The sheriff of El Paso County, Colorado’s most-populous county, encourages law-abiding constituents to obtain concealed carry permits in order to defend themselves, their families and to help discourage crime. Other sheriffs throughout the state have worked hard to uphold our gun rights.

Former Arapahoe County Sheriff Patrick Sullivan was an exception. He spent his career trying to erode the Second Amendment — a foundational law that says the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
Sullivan served as the most formidable foe of gun rights for decades. He rose to national prominence in 1989 when he rescued a wounded deputy during a standoff. Sullivan exploited the incident to promote gun control, holding up a semiautomatic weapon and demanding more gun restrictions. Sullivan used the Columbine tragedy to advocate gun control, even though a few armed teachers could have saved kids that day.

Sullivan is a Republican, which only enhanced the panache of his gray-haired, paternalistic anti-gun work. The National Sheriff’s Association chose him as Sheriff of the Year in 2001, turning the headaches of gun rights defenders into migraines. In 2002, the National Association of School Resource Officers honored this man with its Lifetime Achievement Award. Arapahoe County’s jail bears his name. Sarah Brady, founder of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, frequently called on Sullivan to bolster her gun-ban efforts.

David Kopel, a Boulder attorney who’s among the world’s most prominent gun-rights advocates, called Sullivan “the most powerful enemy of the right to bear arms in Colorado” in 1990. Sullivan refused to grant concealed carry permits, forcing the legislature to pass a “shall issue” law.

“Trying to outlaw semi-automatics, he passed out photographs of automatics — weapons that had nothing to do with his bill,” said Kopel, director of research for the Independence Institute, on a 1990 AM radio show.

It seemed odd that a beloved top cop was adamantly opposed to the Second Amendment, a law no less crucial to liberty than protection of speech.

If recent charges against Sullivan prove true, his contempt for gun rights should make more sense. Criminals are people who seek forcible control over others. They abhor gun rights, which empower victims. As most Americans know, Sullivan was booked into the Patrick J. Sullivan Jr. Detention Facility on Nov. 29. Detectives with the South Metro Drug Task Force — and from his own former department — claim that he tried to trade methamphetamine for sex with a man. If subsequent public allegations become charges and convictions, Sullivan could join the ranks of the state’s most evil sex-and-drug criminals.

In Sheriff Sullivan, gun-rights advocates had a powerful opponent who appeared to symbolize justice and peace. Today, the man who would disarm citizens lives as a disgraced suspected felon. In a sad way, it makes more sense


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Police Try to Dissuade Elderly Woman From Defending Herself Against Home Invasion

by Kurt Nimmo

If Donna Hopper, a 66 year old Redding, California, woman had listened to police during a 911 call, she may have been killed by an intruder.

During a 911 call, a police operator told Hopper not to shoot the intruder breaking into her home. She was told to put down the gun and wait for police.

Hopper instead shot and killed the man with a recently purchased .38 handgun.

The incident is another example demonstrating that police are unable to protect citizens from criminals. Not only are police incapable of protecting citizens, they have no duty to do so.


Security Guard Impersonator fails to rob disabled CHL

Local Walmart shopper confronted by Fake Security Guard

A woman said she threatened to shoot a man who claimed to be a security guard.

She said he asked for identification to prove she was allowed to use handicap parking. It happened Wednesday around 1 p.m. at a busy shopping center near Loop 1604 and Highway 281.

"Vicky" requested we only use her first name and said she reported the incident to store management.

A spokesperson for Walmart said the safety and security of its shoppers is paramount and said it's unknown if the man was really up to no good.

Walmart uses a third party to handle its security issues, but said the security guards do not review handicap parking permits.

Vicky has a concealed handgun license and said when she became uncomfortable she threatened to shoot the man.

She said he rushed off and has not been located.


Vigrinia Tech Shooting Today

Officials report that a police officer and one other person were shot and killed today on the Virginia Tech campu.
"A suspect remained on the loose. A news release from the school said the police officer had pulled someone over for a traffic stop and was shot and killed."
Many will remember Virginia Tech as the University that experienced a 2007 shooting rampage, when a student gunman killed 32 students and faculty and then shot himself.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

ATF officials discussed using Fast & Furious to push gun control

New found emails from the ATF now show beyond a doubt that the Fast & Furious project was a manufactured crisis designed to push their illogical and ill conceived anti-gun agenda.  

What's it gonna take to convict these fools?  There are more smoking guns in F&F now than there were immediately after the shootout at the OK corral!

ATF officials discussed using Fast & Furious to push gun control

by Allahpundit

The logical extension of Rahm’s famous remark about never letting a serious crisis go to waste. If a grave problem is an opportunity to push your agenda, imagine how much farther you can push it by making the problem graver.
Another F&F bombshell from CBS’s Sharyl Attkisson:
On July 14, 2010 after ATF headquarters in Washington D.C. received an update on Fast and Furious, ATF Field Ops Assistant Director Mark Chait emailed Bill Newell, ATF’s Phoenix Special Agent in Charge of Fast and Furious:
“Bill – can you see if these guns were all purchased from the same (licensed gun dealer) and at one time. We are looking at anecdotal cases to support a demand letter on long gun multiple sales. Thanks.”
On Jan. 4, 2011, as ATF prepared a press conference to announce arrests in Fast and Furious, Newell saw it as “(A)nother time to address Multiple Sale on Long Guns issue.” And a day after the press conference, Chait emailed Newell: “Bill–well done yesterday… (I)n light of our request for Demand letter 3, this case could be a strong supporting factor if we can determine how many multiple sales of long guns occurred during the course of this case.”


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Call Your Senator Today! Stop the Confirmaiton of Caitlin Halligan!

by Moe Lane

got tipped this one by the Rick Perry campaign: surprised that I didn’t see this before.  Halligan is up for a judicial appointment to the US Circuit Court of Appeals for DC, and she’s… well, read:
Ms. Halligan’s confirmation has been vigorously opposed by the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, and Committee for Justice. Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously rejected her confirmation earlier this year. In 2003, as Solicitor General of New York, Halligan attempted to hold gun manufacturers liable for criminal acts committed with handguns. She filed briefs in federal court arguing for the unconstitutionality of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which the National Rifle Association described as providing “essential protection…for the Second Amendment rights of honest Americans[.]”
Halligan also filed an amicus brief in arguing that federal RICO laws should be used against pro-life groups. She repeatedly attempted to hijack the federal court system in order to impose her own political beliefs on the general public.
Halligan’s hostility to civil rights and life issues is in fact fairly well-documented; and the cloture vote is todayCall your Senator if you want him or her to stand tough on this one.


Monday, December 5, 2011

More Guns Sold This Black Friday Than in Any One Day Ever Before

Gun sales shoot up during Black Friday

According to numbers courtesy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, this year’s Black Friday saw the most background check requests for gun buyers ever in a one-day span: 129,166.

The numbers shatter the previous record — 97,848 — set on the same shopping day three years earlier. It should be noted, however, that these statistics do not count for every gun purchase, but rather every background check. Some customers can purchase up to several firearms at one time
“Increased sales may represent is a national gear-up toward class warfare,” adds an editorial published on the website for Top Secret Writers.
To some, it’s that the commander-in-chief’s failure to perform his job has others scared of a country-wide collapse.

“We’ve got a spectator president who always seems to be waiting for someone else to take action, perhaps because he wants someone else to blame for another plan that doesn’t work. Why is it any surprise that American citizens, including many for the first time, are buying firearms and ammunition?” asks Alan Gottlieb of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
To some, they feel like they have to simply take law enforcement into their own hands.
“They read in the headlines stories about prisoners having furloughs and law-enforcement being laid off,” National Rifle Association spokesman Andrew Arulananbam tells ABC. “They realize it’s going to be up to them to protect themselves and their families.”


Good Music

Completely off topic, but something I like.  Good music.  I promised a buddy of mine that I would post a link to his new album.  Please have a look:

His Latest CD:
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Damian Giglio

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Home Invasions on the Rise

Home Invasions on the Rise
by FerFA

Notice how the events I’ve described previously in numerous times are occurring more often in USA as well. More violent home invasions, better organized and often taking advantage of intel, either because someone spoke too much or because of someone that accessed the property previously because of legit reasons such as maids, contractors, etc.

Similar to what we’ve seen here, the level of violence is clearly increasing, not only that, but some of the old “codes” have been lost. These days criminals don’t hesitate in torturing children, something that used to be disapproved in general by professional criminals.

Las week in the small town or Miramar in the province of Buenos Aires, a 10 year old was killed by two criminals that broke into his house. The child ran to hide under the bed but they soon caught him, beat him and hanged him.

Its for this reason that I insist so much on security. Times in USA and world wide are getting more dangerous each day.


Tension follows rash of home invasions by masked attackers
Houston Chronicle‏

The crews of bad guys bash down doors in the night or early morning hours, wearing masks and carrying guns as they stalk their victims.

Such teams have attacked Houston-area homes at least four times in the past two weeks, most recently on Thanksgiving evening. Their attacks have left three people dead and a boy missing a finger.

“I’m not nervous. I’m waiting,” electrician Robert Young said Friday as he clutched a military-style assault rifle outside his home, a few doors down from the scene of the latest attack in the 12000 block of Dermott.

The normally quiet neighborhood is thick with pine trees, sprawling lots and concern about what might have motivated the attack.

“I have got my guns ready,” said Young, fresh back from Iraq, where he did electrical contracting.

Authorities said they’ve seen an increase in home invasions recently, although statistics were not available because of the holiday.

Attackers often target residents they think are either drug traffickers who stash cash in their homes, or immigrants, particularly from Asia or the Middle East, who run small, cash-based businesses.

“These guys are violent criminals,” said Franceska Perot, a spokeswoman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. “You see them now more prepared – ski masks, zip ties (handcuffs), firearms. They basically have a plan when they go into these homes.”

Usually the criminals have a tip from someone who is in the home or has been there.

The attackers are said to hope their victims are at home so they can intimidate them into handing over drugs or cash instead of wasting time tearing into walls or tossing furniture.

The ATF has arrested multiple teams of invaders, often specialists with reputations for helping disgruntled traffickers attack rivals or former partners.

Former Houston drug dealer Rogelio Gonzalez testified during a trial this year that robbers disguised as police officers barged into his residence and pistol- whipped him in front of his terrified family.

Home invasions occur regularly, and authorities concede they don’t know about all of them. In those where nobody is hurt and a drug dealer gets ripped off, nobody may call police. (Read the rest)


Monday, November 28, 2011

Denny's 6 AM Shootout

Just before 6 AM Saturday morning, two armed men  wearing bandannas entered and attempted to rob a Denny's restaurant in Houston.  There was only one customer in the restaurant, but he was a licensed concealed handgun carrier.

The Customer saw the suspects enter, took cover and fired at the robbers.  The suspects returned fire and fled the restaurant.

So far, police have no suspects in the case.


Monday, November 21, 2011

More women are using guns for fun and protection

By Cassandra Spratling

One a recent Saturday morning, Debra Robinson, 52, of Macomb Township drove two hours to spend the day learning about and practicing shooting guns.

The married mother of two adult children admits that it was a little intimidating to point and shoot a gun at first. "It's a deadly weapon," she says. "I didn't grow up playing with guns. I'm a quilter."

But Robinson wants to learn to shoot -- for personal protection and for fun.

"Our home was burglarized once while we were at work. The kids are grown up and out of the house. So now I have the luxury of time and I want to learn while I can."

Robinson signed up for the six-hour class almost as soon as she saw a newspaper notice about it. It's a good thing she signed up quickly, because the women-only class reached its maximum number of 25 students well before the deadline. There was a waiting list of women from all over, who wanted to learn more about guns.

The popularity of the class comes as no surprise to people working in the business who've seen growing interest in guns among women in recent years. Experts say women are taking more gun classes, buying and packing pistols and larger firearms, and they're having fun with guns at target ranges and gun sporting events.

Several factors are driving women to the gun range, experts say.

"The first and foremost reason is women no longer want to feel vulnerable," Parsons says. "They want to feel responsible for their own personal safety and the safety of their families. Just by their physical size, the perpetrator is going to be bigger and stronger. A firearm is the great equalizer."

Kathy Jackson, author of "The Cornered Cat" (White Feather Press, $20), a gun safety and information book for women, agrees.

"These days no one expects a knight in shining armor to swoop in and protect you. You have to protect yourself,"
"I was very anti-gun until about a year and a half ago," she says, trying out pistols at Target Sports in Royal Oak. "I'd never held one until then. Once I held it, I don't know, there was something about the power of the gun in your hand. And I did pretty well from the very first time. When I hit my first bulls-eye, it was incredible. It made me want to do it all over again. And it's a great stress-reliever."   - Amy Denyer-Grey, 40, of Lansing
Sies, the organizer of the gun class in Linwood, is such a believer in the value of women learning to use a gun.
"You might be sitting in a car and you're attacked. You have to go through how to save a loved one or yourself."
She carries a concealed weapon every day now. Why?
"For the sense of comfort and being able to care for yourself," she says. "I think it's important that every woman understand guns don't need to be something to be afraid of."