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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hoplophobia - We are better than that.

By Zee

True Hoplophobia, or the fear of guns, is a mental illness which, like other true phobias, incapacitates its victims with anxiety, shortness of breath, inability to think clearly and rationally.  Obviously, we who are fearful of guns and their destructive power don't have true Hoplophobia.  But we are still afraid.  Why?

Wouldn't a rational person confront those fears?  Understand the object of the fear, and then make a rational, informed decision to either continue to fear, or instead choose to regard the object of our fear with a more reasonable respect and safety?

You tell your kids that they can't know if they like vegetables or not unless they've tried them first.  After a while, and trying a few times, they either decide they like them, or genuinely really do hate that asparagus.  Ok, so don't eat the asparagus.  The rest of the family will eat it and you can have broccoli.  Fine.  But at least your honestly tried.  And who knows, you might even like it!

When we talk about guns, it is the same thing.  Guns can be scary.  But that is no reason to live in fear.  A healthy respect for them, and proper safety, and a gun it just another tool in the tool box.  If that were'nt true, then why are we not living in chaos in every neighborhood?  One third of all Americans have a firearm in the house.  Yes, on average 1 out of every 3 people you know.  Do you have errant gunshots coming in thought your windows and murders in your neighborhood on a regular basis?  (if so, please call the police)

Hoplophobia and more mild fear of guns are both exacerbated by Hollywood and the main stream media.  If you hadn't ever been afraid, the constant glorified Hollywood violence and sensationalized news would surely put the fear into you.  But then again, that is their job.  If it weren't sensational and packed with drama, it wouldn't sell.  People are drawn to view such things.  Its the same reason that drivers rubberneck at an accident scene.  My belief is that we watch it to understand it, so that it does not happen to us.

It is time to end the fear.  If you've never held a gun, go down to your local gun rage and rent one.  Have an instructor help you out.  They wont mind.  Get over the fear and move on with your life.  If you don't like it, you never have to go back.

Truth be told, if you are an anti-gunner, then odds are, that you wont like it.  But you wont hate it either.  You'll come to understand and respect it.  And you'll see that others, who do like it, are respectful and safe.  You will have confronted your fear.

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 * I am not a lawyer or law enforcement officer.  This information does not constitute legal advice.  This post represents my opinions only.  Your situation may vary.  Please consult with local law enforcement for safety tips and regulations concerning personal safety and arming yourself with or using ANY self protection device - handgun or otherwise.

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