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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Want a "Common Sense" gun law? Try this one.

“Common sense” gun laws: Remove suppressors from the NFA as a health and safety issue

When you find yourself on a suppressed firing line for the first time, you start to grasp why suppressors just make good common sense as another tool all shooters should have access to, like chamber flags and a cleaning kit. While you can’t make any gun silent (that’s Hollywood, kids), you can reduce the muzzle blast of most firearms, so that what you end up hearing most is the less-intense crack of the supersonic bullet (and even subsonic bullets fired from a suppressor are still quite obviously gunshots).

Doubt me? Here’s one of the quietest suppressors I’ve heard, fired with subsonic ammunition.

What a suppressor does is bring down the overall noise level to a more manageable degree.

Safety commands and coaching are more easily heard at the range.  Hunters can humane take game without deafening themselves. And perhaps as importantly, those who live near ranges and areas where people hunt have to deal with less noise pollution. Suppressors are simply a more cultured and polite way to shoot that increases shooter safety and the quality of life for those near where shooting takes place.

So why do we even have suppressors as a restricted item, with lengthy background checks and an absurd $200 tax stamp per suppressor? Because some dimwitted politician worried about people poaching deer during the Great Depression.

That’s it.  [That and Holywood glamorizing them as a some kind of "magic" make-it-silent spy/assassin tool]

If we’re going to have to listen to the radicals push for “common sense” gun laws, let’s push for some of our own.

Near the top of that list should be removing suppressors from the NFA entirely, so that they can be purchased over the counter at your local gun shop or discount store without any more hassle than you would buying any other kind of muffler.


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