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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Breaking News: Colorado house passes four new strict gun control laws.

I guess I'm not going to go to vacation in Colorado anymore.  They just banned campus carry, and standard capacity magazines, as well as requiring universal background checks.

The Democrat-controlled (37-28) Colorado House of Representatives had four gun control bills on its docket for final passage today. 
  • HB 1229 requires universal background checks. 
  • HB1226 revokes campus carry. 
  • HB 1228 passes the cost of running CBI background checks on to prospective gun buyers 
  • HB1224 would limit magazine capacity to 15 rounds. 
Given the heavy Dem majority, no one expected any of the four civilian disarmament bills to be defeated and no one’s expectations were dashed.
All four bills will now move onto the Democrat-controlled Senate where they’re expected to pass.


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