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Friday, February 8, 2013

More Proof That Gun Registration = Gun Confiscation


 Brian Lilley, Canadian reporter, warns Americans: registration = confiscation. It happened in Canada.

"The Washington post reports that The Obama administration is considering a national database of all firearms in order to "track the movement and sale of weapons".  If such a database comes to fruition it will lead to confiscation."

 "[Canada  had] a National database of every rifle and shotgun in the county. It was supposed ot help police track the movement and sale of weapons. Now when it was introduces 20 years ago, critics said "hold on, hold on. If we register the firearms they are going to be confiscated". And that criticism was just dismissed. It was ridiculed. Yet that is what was happening. As recently as last winter, law abiding gun owners who had complied with the registry were having their rifles confiscated."


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