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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The 2nd Amendment vs. Bloomberg’s Money & Obama’s Campaign

This is a video of a half hour “fireside chat” type interview with NRA President David Keene. You will most likely have to sit through a short advertisement to watch it, but it is actually very good. There are a couple points at the beginning which everyone should share with their friends and legislators, outlined below. The most disgusting thing about this mess is that it is readily apparent at this point that President Obama and the anti-gunners at Brady saw Sandy Hook as an opportunity. How disgusting is that? Is America’s 2nd Amendment freedom really going to fall victim to Michael Bloomberg’s money?

You may have read the article on Drudge that suggested this fight is over, but it is not. Contact and re-contact your legislators and tell them that we offer NO QUARTER to politicians who vote against our 2nd Amendment rights. We will also support our representatives who stand behind our rights, even if we don’t agree with everything in their platform. American gun owners will not tolerate any new gun legislation as a result of the PR campaign from Sandy Hook. That means no gun bans, no magazine bans, no killing our gun shows, no stopping private interstate transfers of firearms, and NO CLASSIFYING US ALL AS CRAZY SO YOU CAN TAKE OUR GUNS AWAY.

Here are some points from the video:

  • NYC Mayor and media billionaire Michael Bloomberg immediately got on board with the PR campaign to exploit Sandy Hook and pledged to finance the attack on the 2nd Amendment the way he attacked the cigarette companies, which was 600 million.
  • The public relations campaigns and new organizations are being funded by Bloomberg.
  • Obama has enlisted his campaign organization. They are being driven to create grass roots support for attacking our 2nd Amendment rights.
  • In a recent Rasmussen poll 65% of the American people said that the purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to protect the people from the power of a tyrannical government.
  • The 2nd Amendment was not written to protect sporting firearms.
  • There are 80-90,000 active duty police on the NRA roles. Most cops support what the NRA is trying to do.
  • Obama supports citizens of other countries to rise up against tyrannical governments but not the rights of his own citizens to rise up against even criminals.
  • This is an ugly struggle, but we are all relying on the common sense of the American people.
  • Anti-gunners don’t want to blame individuals for crime. Consequently they blame the gun. For this reason they have virtually refused to prosecute firearms crime.
  • In Chicago, the murder capitol of the United States. They are rated 89 out of 90 in federal gun prosecutions.
  • Instead of prosecuting the criminal under existing gun statutes on which they could face a separate prosecution for the gun, in Chicago the politicians have instead created a killing field.
  • Contact your legislators now. Tell them that we will support them if they support us, otherwise we will unseat them.
  • Non-NRA members have to step up now. 4 million of us NRA members represent 90 million gun owners and the rest of you have to act now.
  • Democrat congress members in gun friendly states are under enormous pressure right now. We have to contact them and tell them we will stand up for them.
  • There are going to be votes, on this legislation and on funding the executive orders. We will be watching to see who stands up for us, and we will support you.
  • Bow hunters and fishermen boycotted the 1.2 million people strong Harrisburg show. It wasn’t just gun owners, it was everyone who shut down that show.
  • Gun ownership saves lives every day. As many as 2 million times per year a gun thwarts a crime, including over a dozen mass killings a year. Usually the gun doesn’t even have have to fire.
  • Mass killers are not looking for a battle. They are looking for an easy kill, and private firearms can stop them.
  • The NRA used to not endorse candidates. The political side of NRA was started by John Dingle, a partisan Democrat, who asked them to step up and stop the destruction of the 2nd Amendment.
  • Gun ownership represents individual responsibility and American values.
  • A monopoly of power in the hands of government is for elites, who always have protection. That we need protection is foreign to them.
  • Women lead the growth in firearm ownership because guns empower people.
  • Bloomberg allowed chaos to reign during the Sandy disaster rather than let retired police officers and the National Guard guard the people and protect children.
  • The Obama administration is attempting to increase the prohibited list of who cannot own a firearm.
  • The issue of “mental health” isn’t so clear cut. President Clinton tried to prevent 67,000 veterans from ownig firearms because they had sought counseling at some time.
  • The federal government is attempting to ban anyone who has gotten a medical marijuana prescription from owning a firearm. They did this to 27,000 medical marijuana users in Montana.
  • The goal of “closing the gun show loophole” isn’t to do background checks. It is to shut down gun shows.
  • All of these things are to drive out the marginal shooter. Hardcore shooters will put up with the nonsense.
  • The goal is “sit on the couch and I’ll put on a video game.” Reducing the overall “critical mass” of people who are familiar with firearms and the 2nd Amendment marginalizes the 2nd Amendment down the road.
  • In other countries, including the European countries, there already aren’t enough people who care about guns, and even hunting, to have a voice in the laws. Hunting is a rich man’s sport in foreign countries, as is personal self defense.
  • The NRA supports background checks, but the system is horribly broken, and the effectiveness of the system is being misrepresented by President Obama.
  • On a yearly basis, a couple years ago 77,000 people were denied a firearm by failing a background check. Of these 40 were prosecuted and 13 convicted of lying on the form. Meanwhile tens of thousands of people were denied a firearm who could legally own one.
  • Harry Reid is a typical democrat from a gun friendly state. The NRA donated $5,000 to his primary, not his national election.
  • When President Obama came to office 65 democrats signed a letter telling him that they would abandon him if he brought anti-2nd Amendment legislation to the Congress.
  • The NRA stands behind politicians who stand behind gun rights.


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