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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Real Life Armed Self-Defense Stories

This is a great self defense story. Admittedly, the guy shouldn't have mouthed off in traffic, but that's no excuse for what happened next... It is just one of many posted at http://www.streetpro.com/usp/stories.html I'll post more soon.

On Dec. 3, 1996 @ about 5:15 pm I was driving home, I pulled into the center turn lane to turn north. A Honda w/3 youths pulled into the same turn lane facing me. 2 of the youths leaned out of the car cursing and making hand signs, telling me to back up, that I was blocking them from turning. Letting my Irish Temper get the best of me I yelled "chill out, why don't you just kiss my ----.

Traffic cleared, I turned north into my neighborhood, the Honda followed on my bumper. I wasn't going to lead them to my home, so I hit the gas, and went to the parking lot of a nearby store. I thought with plenty of people around, these 3 "punks" would be hesitant to try anything. "BIG MISTAKE"

2 of them exited the Honda, running in my direction with a baseball bat. I tried to drive away, but the driver of the Honda blocked my exit. Realizing I had no choice but to confront the youths, I did some creative driving, blocked the Honda driver from exiting his vehicle.

Placing my laser equipped HK on the driver's seat,(in this state it is legal to carry a firearm in a holster in a unconcealed manner) I stepped out of my car. Screaming at the 2 punks"you want a piece of me? COME ON" they stopped. I have always been a advocate of the defense tactic try to make your enemy think you are crazier than him.

the Honda driver had meanwhile exited his vehicle from the passenger's window, and I noticed he and his friends were moving to the back of the Honda. A bystander approached, and yelled at the youths to "Leave him alone!" The Honda driver opened the trunk, and proceeded to start loading a sawed off Remington Mod 11 shotgun(the police later showed me it).

It seemed that both my brain and adrenalin kicked in at the same time, saying "YOU ARE GOING TO BE SHOT, DO SOMETHING NOW". I bolted for my pistol, un-holstered it and raised it on the youth who was now raising the shotgun from the Honda's trunk. I don't know if my training or reflexes took over, but the laser was switched on, and in the shotgun holding Youth's eyes at about 20 feet. He froze. Somehow I said in a forceful voice"drop the gun or you are dead." Again "DROP THE GUN NOW" He dropped the shotgun.

I looked at the helpful bystander and said we should back away, I don't know if friends are also armed. We backed away, the 3 youths jumped in their car and fled.

The Police arrived less than 2 minutes later, as several people had called them. Fortunately, the same people verified my story. About 2 weeks later the 3 youths were arrested in two different vehicles, which were found to contain stolen items, and several stolen firearms. After talking to the officers who responded to my situation, I was told that the 3 youths I had encountered were members of a local Asian gang, and their arrests led to several more arrests of their "friends". I am thankful that I didn't have to shoot the shotgun holding youth (19 years old), and am firmly convinced that the laser beam in his eyes made him stop. Since this incident, I have equipped my wife's .45 with a CDRC laser also.


Random acts of violence by crazy criminal gangs. Just another reason to carry everywhere you go.


  1. I know this is off topic, but did you have to post the Pro Gun Control quotes as well? Is that a law now too? If so I am pissed...

    1. LMFAO! Well go be pissed off then you Communist.