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Thursday, August 1, 2013

The truth about civilian gun ownership

No offense to the police department.  They are doing what they can.  And the situations are often vastly different.  But still, these stats speak for themselves.

Police Officers:                          794,300 in USA
Civilian gun owners               90,000,000 in USA
Police error rate:                               11%
Civilian error rate:                               2%
Police  - Criminals killed /yr             606
Civilians  - Criminals killed /yr       1,527

And most importantly - average deaths of innocent civilians in a rampage before the criminal is stopped:

By Police:                                       14.3
By Civilians:                                      2.3

Becoming a CHL is more than just about protecting yourself and your family.  At some point, we need some ratio of CHLs in circulation just as a matter of simple Civic Duty, Social Responsibility, and Good Citizenship.

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