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Friday, August 30, 2013

Houston Look out! More "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" lies and gun-grabbing agenda advancement

More "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" lies 
and gun-grabbing agenda advancement.

Gun Owners Nationwide Urge Congress To Support Common-Sense Background Checks
By Mayors Against Illegal Guns 
Gun owners will gather at Congressional offices, police stations, and city halls nationwide for events in 11 states this week to call on elected officials to support comprehensive background checks that will help guns out of the wrong hands. Polls have found that 82 percent of gun owners – including 74 percent of NRA members – support this tough-on-crime measure.
...to support bipartisan legislation that would extend background checks to cover private gun sales in commercial settings – including at gun shows and over the Internet. 

Pfft.  82% ?  Who the heck are they surveying?  No, gun owners nationwide are NOT urging congress to pass this.  We are Protesting it!  And No, the NRA does not support this measure, and neither do it's members.

The misnamed gun-grabbing group "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" is pushing for this, not gun owners.  

Yes, we all want to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, but conducting a check for every purchase creates a paper trail which is tantamount to gun registration - which history shows nearly 100% of the time, means confiscation!  

Real gun owners know better.  Our solution is to lend preference to CHLs when selling.  That way we know the buyer is clear, and we don't add yet another record to the big brother database.  It also encourages people to get CHLs, and be responsible in their civic duty to protect themselves.

For information more on your civic duty to own and carry a firearm, read here.

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