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Monday, August 5, 2013

Summaries of the new laws in effect Sept. 1 that deal with CHL holders

Summaries of the new laws in effect Sept. 1 that deal with CHL holders

  • SB 1907 – Students with a CHL may have firearms in their personal locked vehicle when parked on a private or public university or college parking lot. A student with a CHL could not be prosecuted but they are subject to the rule-making authority of the school and could be expelled.
  • SB299 – Provides language to clarify the unintentional display of a firearm by a concealed handgun licensee. The language changed from “failure to conceal” to “intentional display of a weapon in a public place” when force or deadly force is not authorized.
  • SB 864 – Reduces the number of hours for the initial CHL class from 10 to 4 hours.
  • HB 48 – Allows CHL holders to renew their license online without taking a renewal class.
  • HB 698 – Requires DPS to provide alternate methods of digital fingerprinting for CHL applicants if the required facility is more than 25 miles away from the applicant’s residence, provided that the county has a population of  46,000 or less
  • HB 3142 – Repeals the SA/NA (semi-automatic/non-automatic) designation from the CHL license. All CHL holders are licensed to carry either type of handgun.
  • HB 1421 – Allows law enforcement agencies an option to sell confiscated firearms to a federal firearms dealer instead of destroying them. After the cost of the sale and other related charges, funds could stay with that law enforcement agency.
  • HB 333 – Requires hotels and motels to provide advance notice to customers if they prohibit firearms.

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