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Monday, December 3, 2012

Lets see here. California basically outlaws guns and makes concealed carry virtually impossible... then when things go south, they tell people to go get the guns they said they cant use.... and to protect themselves because they cant afford the police... Irony in 3....2...1...

San Bernardino, Calif., city attorney tells residents to "load their guns" after police cuts.

The official explained that because the city just outside of Los Angeles is bankrupt and slashing public safety budgets, people will need to start protecting themselves.

Penman said the city is dealing with bankruptcy, which has forced officials to cut its police force by about 80 officers. Consequently, there's been growing criticism about the police department's response time.

"Let's be honest, we don't have enough police officers. We have too many criminals living in this city."
"We need to take our streets back, we need to take our neighborhoods back and we need to protect our homes"

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