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Monday, December 24, 2012

Armed guards at schoolss? - Pssht. It's been done for years.

Some interesting news has broken in the wake of the latest push for gun control by President Obama and Senate Democrats: Obama sends his kids to a school where armed guards are used as a matter of fact.

If you dismiss this by saying, "Of course they have armed guards -- they get Secret Service protection," then you've missed the larger point. 

The larger point is that this is standard operating procedure for the school, period. And this is the reason people like NBC's David Gregory send their kids to Sidwell, they know their kids will be protected from the carnage that befell kids at a school where armed guards weren't used (and weren't even allowed).

Shame on President Obama for seeking more gun control and for trying to prevent the parents of other school children from doing what he has clearly done for his own. His children sit under the protection guns afford, while the children of regular Americans are sacrificed. 


From the comments:

"Why did the Obama administration allow funding for the long standing COPS program to fall to the wayside?  $200 million  was not used to protect children in the public schools - COPS  had been in existence since before 1996.  And Obama de-funded it.  It only supports the notion that some people are more equal than others."

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