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Friday, December 28, 2012

A Democrat said this??

Newark mayor Corey Booker appeared on ABC News and characterized the current gun control debate as a “false dichotomy.” It was definitely refreshing to see a Democrat engage in some free-thinking and dispel some erroneous notions.

“I’m not afraid of law-abiding citizens who buy a gun,” he said. “Buy the guns you want. What the problem is in America right now is that a terrorist person who is on the no-fly list could go into the secondary market today and buy a weapon.”

“Criminals are killing people,” the mayor added. “Not law-abiding gun owners.”…
“Listen to me, the people dying in Chicago, the people dying in Newark are not being done with law-abiding gun owners,” Booker continued. “We do not need to go after the guns. A law-abiding mentally stable American, that’s not America’s problem.”

This latest controversy involves the mayor saying something that is entirely non-controversial outside the Democrat Party rank-and-file: mentally healthy, law-abiding citizens do not instantly turn into foaming-at-the-mouth bank robbers or pin-striped suit wearing mobsters, just because they buy a handgun or a semi-automatic rifle (regardless of how it appears).

The Newark mayor still supports background checks for gun owners, which is a reasonable requirement. Felons and those who can verifiably be proven to present a danger to themselves and others should be restricted from carrying potentially deadly weapons.

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