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Monday, October 31, 2011

Women and liberals are buying guns

Gallup polls show that since 2009, gun sales have increased dramatically - especially among the demographics of Women democrats.  The Washington Times reports:

Gun ownership is on the rise in some surprising places. As much as President Obama would have us believe that only small-town yokels “cling to guns or religion,” a Gallup poll released Wednesday suggests many of the firearms that have been flying off the shelves in the past two years were purchased by Democrats and women. The Second Amendment has truly gone mainstream.  ... This change has significant impact on policy. ... There are now more Democrats with guns than there are liberals who want to take them away.

This is no small change in national opinion - these results have been picked up by other news outlets like ZeroHedge on which we reported earlier.

It seems that the Washington Times got it right when they summarized:

Violent crime has been on the decline as the number of people carrying guns has soared, so it’s obvious that the anti-Second Amendment crowd has been lying to us all these years. Crime cannot be wished away by enacting laws that only restrict what the law-abiding can do. As this truth sinks in, more gun grabbers will be converted into gun owners.
The truth is that guns when used in self defense are nothing more than tools to give an advantage in violent conflict.  You may not like guns, but if you find yourself in a violent situation and needing to defending yourself, you'll wish you had every advantage you can get.  Criminals have weapons and you can't put the genie back into the bottle.  Be prepared.  The arms race has come to suburbia.

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