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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Canton Homeowner Shoots Intruder in the Leg


The homeowner told FOX by phone that it all started Wednesday afternoon when a knock at the door woke him up from a nap. Next, there was the sound of a brick busting through a front window of his Canton home. Two men managed to unlock the door and head inside. Both started up the stairs, but they were met by the owner, who had his service weapon in hand.

When the intruder reached for his weapon, the homeowner said he fired his several times. One bullet hit a wall, another the chandelier and a third struck the suspect in the leg. One of the intruders took off, but the homeowner said that he held other down until police arrived.

"I thought it was really crazy. You can't have anything. These people, they don't let you have anything. I know the economy is bad, but it's not this bad," said Antoinette Brown, a cousin.

"There's been all kinds of stuff going on over here," said Kevin Lapp.

The landscaper, who lives one neighborhood over, believes it's become so rough around there, he needs to keep his gun nearby at all times.

"You always got to drive around with a gun in the car," he said. "I've probably called the cops on ten, 15 people suspicious running around through here."

Police are still investigating, telling the homeowner his residence isn't the first place these guys have targeted.


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