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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gun-Toting Granny Stops Robber

By Brandon Todd

FORT WORTH, Texas - Police said a suspected robber on the run took one look at a Fort Worth grandmother with a gun in her hand and gave himself right up.

Lake Worth police had been chasing two brothers into Fort Worth when they bailed out of their car near Interstate 30 and Hulen Street. One brother ran into a neighborhood and chose some bushes to hide behind.

He chose poorly. Cindy Irving came out of her house armed and ready with her 357 six shooter in hand.

“We were looking down towards that way and he was up underneath the bushes just hiding down on the ground,” Irving said. “We heard somebody say, ‘I give up, ma’am. I give up. The police are looking for me.’ And my son and I just stopped and we were startled.”

Police said the person hiding in Irving’s bushes was 26-year-old Jonathan Franklin. Investigators said he and his brother were wanted for robbing a woman in Azle.

“’I’m gonna tell ya I’ve got a gun. It’s in your best interest not to move.’ Cause we didn’t know if he had a gun or not, you know. So he laid there and stuck his hands out and I’m callin 911,” Irving said.

In a few minutes Franklin was finally in handcuffs. Police also captured his brother. They now both face charges for strong arm robbery and evading police.

Irving said she’s never been afraid of guns.

“And I think that’s what made him say, ‘I give up.’ Cause he obviously saw that gun,” she said. “I feel kind of like Anne Oakley.”


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