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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

More states passing PRO gun laws than those passing gun "control" laws

Despite President Obama's ongoing push to build support for gun-control laws, states have passed more measures expanding rather than restricting the right to carry firearms.

Arkansas eliminated prohibitions on carrying firearms in churches and on college campuses. South Dakota authorized school boards to arm teachers. Tennessee passed a law allowing workers to bring guns to work and store them in their vehicles, even if their employer objects. Kentucky shortened the process for obtaining licenses to carry a concealed gun.

Those laws, along with the long odds for major federal gun-control legislation, show how the march toward expanded gun rights in recent years has hardly slowed since Mr. Obama pledged to use the "full force" of his office to tighten limits

This year, five states have passed seven laws that strengthen gun restrictions, while 10 states have passed 17 laws that strengthen gun rights.


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