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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kansas considering Pro-Gun legislation

By John Milburn

Kansas legislators late Friday overwhelmingly approved measures that would let people carry concealed firearms into more public buildings and prevent federal agents from confiscating weapons made in the state, sending them on to Gov. Sam Brownback.

The bills were approved by large majorities as legislators adjourned to begin a monthlong break. The Republican governor, a supporter of gun rights, has not yet indicated whether he will sign the legislation.

The concealed-carry bill passed the House 104-16 and the Senate 32-7. It would let people with permits bring firearms into public buildings deemed to have adequate security, such as metal detectors and trained guards. It also would allow public schools and colleges to arm employees.

The concealed carry bill would allow weapons inside the Statehouse, but only if legislative leaders decide the building is secure after a 10-year renovation project is finished in 2014.

The other bill declares that the federal government has no power to regulate guns, ammunition and accessories that are made, sold and kept exclusively in Kansas. The bill would make it a felony for a federal agent to enforce restrictions on such items.

Supporters said the bill is constitutional because the items would not leave Kansas and thus are not subject to the U.S. Constitution's interstate commerce clause.


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