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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Texas gun range to throw kids' parties

Eagle range in Lewisville, TX to open up range for birthday parties as age 8 and over.

Families will be given a 30 minute instruction by an NRA certified safety instructor before going into the range.  This will be a well orchestrated carefully designed program.

When we go into that range there will parents will be there as well as Range Safety instructors. Guns will not be loaded until ready to shoot.  Sugar and cake will always come after the shooting, not before.

Show them the difference between toys and real guns. It is so important to train children at this age.  Throughout the decades the BoyScouts of America has been teaching children; every  summer there are camps where boy scouts and girl scouts at age 6 start with BB guns and 22's.Education and instruction are our paramount mission statement. 


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