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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

71 yr old foils cafe robbery

 Nice shootin'!


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  1. Note that the report says that he never missed. Every shot landed. Very good shooting indeed. Must be a practiced individual. Bravo.

    However, notice something else. Neither criminal stopped or dropped. I don't know what kind of gun or ammo he is using, but between the shot placement and the ammunition performance, there simple was not enough stopping power.

    This is why I always recommend 2 things to people who intend to buy or carry a handgun: (1) practice practice practice. Shot placement is paramount. (2) Never carry small or ball. A small caliber handgun (.17, .22, .25, .38) does not have the stopping power to save your life. Carry 9mm or larger - preferably a 40 or 45. Never carry ball ammo. Always load it with defense ammo - hollowpoints. Within any given caliber, stopping power is typically 2 to 4x better with quality hollowpoints than with ball ammo.