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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lipstick and Lead - Best Handgun For Women

Best Handgun For Women

In the past, a small caliber handgun like a .22 revolver or a .25  or .32 caliber automatic has generally been recommended as a choice of handgun for women.  However,  in the real world a small caliber handgun isn’t guaranteed to stop a large attacker who may also be high on amphetamines or some other drugs. This could result in angering the attacker more which could put the woman in greater danger.  That said, a larger caliber of handgun for women is recommended.

One of the problems with larger caliber handguns for women is that they are generally larger and not convenient to carry around. The larger caliber handgun for women can be heavy or bulky and then discourages keeping it on you.
Another  question that comes up; Is revolver or automatic a better choice for a handgun for women? From a woman’s perspective, automatics can jam and they have complicated safety catches, more technical to shoot, more difficult to load, and basically more difficult to operate. 

This is why the best handgun for women is a small revolver with a larger caliber that has some power behind it.


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