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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Colleges should permit concealed carry

Gun-free campuses are safety-free zones: Colleges should permit concealed carry


Five years ago Monday, 32 students and teachers lost their lives in a shooting at Virginia Tech. Earlier this month, seven students were killed and three wounded at a small California Christian university. These tragedies exemplify the failure of “gun-free” school zones and are evidence for the need to overturn concealed carry bans on campuses so law-abiding citizens can defend themselves against maniacs.

In the April 4 incident, One Goh allegedly lined up nursing students against a classroom wall at Oakland’s Oikos University, from which he had been expelled, and opened fire. It would be difficult to imagine the fear those students must have felt as the gunman aimed his pistol at them and pulled the trigger. The shooter had no reason to fear for his own safety because firearms are banned at most postsecondary schools across the nation. While some attackers abandon the instinct for self-preservation and shoot themselves, police report Mr. Goh fled the scene and was arrested nearby. Had a responsibly armed person been present to threaten him, lives likely would have been spared.



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