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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pizza Hut customer shoots employee, commits suicide

DeKalb County police are piecing together details in a shooting Saturday inside a south DeKalb Pizza Hut that left an employee in critical condition and the alleged shooter dead from suicide.

Joshua McColle, an ex-boyfriend of an employee at the restaurant on Covington Highway, pulled out a gun after getting into a fight with another employee at about noon Saturday, according to Channel 2 Action News.
Samuel Wallace, 32, was shot twice and taken to the hospital in critical condition, police said. McColley's ex-girlfriend told police that the gunman demanded the eatery's security video but jumped away when customers arrived.  He then went into the back of the store and shot himself.


He could have just as easily begun shooting all the witnesses. To bad no-one was prepared and able to take him down before he shot his first victim.  Then it could have been him in the ER recovering instead of his victim.

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