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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More Dallas DART Shootings prompt calls for higher security

DALLAS — After two violent attacks that ended with deaths, there is renewed concern from DART, passengers, and the city of Dallas over safety at train stations.

The most recent incident was in downtown Dallas early Wednesday morning as a man got onto the Pearl Station platform after riding on a Blue Line train. Dominique Wilson was shot and killed after arguing on board with three men.

Police made one arrest.

Last November, 19-year-old Octavius Lanier died after an attempted robbery at MLK Station. Dallas police said a group of boys tried robbing Lanier and pushed him into a moving train.

About 80,000 passengers ride DART trains every day over the system with 55 stations. DART employs some 200 police officers to keep them secure.

But after Wednesday's homicide, there are calls for the transit agency to do more.

Passengers aren't the only ones who think there's not enough law enforcement presence at rail stations.

"Whenever I ride the train, I don't see very many [police]," said Dallas City Council member Linda Koop, who chairs the Transportation Committee. "Even on the train, I don't see many either uniformed personnel or just people taking tickets or just checking tickets... I really don't see that."

DART said it will review adding manpower. Passengers and the city are waiting for answers.


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  1. Criminals will ignore any gun laws.