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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Feds want Zimmerman, any way they can get him

Guest Post:  Penny Hunter

Just read an interesting article by Will Jacobsen over on the  legal Insurrection.  I don't agree with the "Insurrection" bit, but he's right about the worsening over-reach by the Federal Government.

This no longer is about George Zimmerman, it’s about a Department of Justice serving political interests.
There’s a reason we stand up for the rights of individuals like George Zimmerman against an overreaching State.
It’s not just about the individual.  It’s about all of us, and the reality that there but for fortune could go you or I. 
The highly politicized Department of Justice desperately wants to bring federal charges to placate the race-agitators, and has joined in the witch hunt. 

Follow the money.  That's the rule right?  Law of nature - can't be broken.  Every corporate or government action, every scandal, every donation  every scheme, every new law, every announcement  every motive - it always comes down to money.  

So where's the money in making Zimmerman pay?  There isn't any.  With all the costs of litigation, etc, it's a cash negative proposition.  Same as taking guns away.  Surely there are a lot more money making opportunities selling guns than not selling guns.  But money is power. And taking away guns is a more direct route to power, and not just to power but more power and less limited power.

Its' a Win-Win situation to the government.  Either they get him, and take a step towards killing stand your ground laws and taking guns away, or they DON'T get him, and there are riots where more people defend themselves - which is a step towards killing stand your ground  laws and taking guns away.

So why pursue the expense of the case if it is a win either way?  

Answer:  To indoctrinate the public and further the idea that self defense and gun ownership is evil.  To allow crime to occur because it causes fear and dependency on the government's power base and gives politicians leverage to use in pushing social agendas.  


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