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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Save your daughters

The source website for this article comes off as a bit gimmicky, and the information could probably be obtained and accumulated from a number of disparate sources for free if you had the time, but the recommendations and tools they advertise are real and are of real benefit, so I'll post it here as an FYI.

Situational awareness and some reasonable preparation could save your life, or the lives of your loved ones.


The Save your daughters family protection program was created by some very highly and very specialized trained men and women of the United States Government who were joined by one of the most successful groups operating on the World Wide Web today.

This is incredible information and covers everything from how to create a safe room in your home, how to be safer in hotels, school dormitories, at work, in your car and even if you are simply out for a walk!

Complete with a easy to follow, interesting and fun book stuffed with vulnerability assessments that show you quickly and easily how to make your home safer as well as places you visit for both yourself personally and all your family members too..

And wait till you see what the Navy SEAL trained presenter shows you about protecting yourself and your family, this information is truly a lifesaver and we are sure you will agree with the hundreds of families that have already rushed to grab their personal copies...

Started in a cell group from Gateway church in Southlake, Texas, the people attending a special presentation from a former Special Agent of the FBI began telling their friends of what they had learned...

Soon word got out and within weeks people in 12 countries were asking for the information and resources of what was to be known as the Save Your Daughters family and self protection program.

Former Special Agents of the FBI, SWAT, SEAL, ATF and more came together to create a unique and powerful program that anyone who wishes can use to make themselves and their families safer than they have ever been.

These extraordinary men and women do their teaching and instruction of this life saving information and share their lifesaving resources in an entertaining format all shot on theatrical quality HD video productions that enable all of us to put the DVD's that come with the package into our computers or television DVD players and watch as the finest protection instruction unveils right before our eyes.

This is not a fighting instruction course but a living course, there is no physical training nor is there any fighting or combat of any kind.. this information is how to protect yourself so that you do not end up having to try to fight your way out of a bad situation!
If you are a father or mother and want your children to be safer in school, away, or even right at home, then this program is guaranteed to be exactly what will fill your desire and need to keep your family and yourself safe in what has become very dangerous times...

"For 9 years I worked as a Family Law expert in the field of child abductions. Usually the child or children were abducted across State lines or internationally by the non-custodial parent. 
Often there were grave concerns for the physical, psychological and moral safety of abducted child.  
Just imagine how frightening this can be when it occurs at the hands of a stranger! I only wish the "Save Your Daughters" project was around all those years ago.
Still, it is finally here and "SYD" should be a Godsend for parents of both girls AND boys, as much of the information applies to both genders. 
More important than that, it will go a long way towards protecting your children from physical and moral harm in today's uncertain world." 
-Barry Roche


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