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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Friday meets 'concealed-carry' gun law in Texas

Police in San Antonio told the Express News that an argument over line-cutting on Black Friday at a Sears store ended in punches thrown and guns drawn.

a man was cutting his way to the front of the line without so much as a “by your leave” to his fellow shoppers. Name-calling and cursing quickly turned into shouts and arguments. At that point, our line-cutter allegedly punched another line-holder and would-be shopper full-on in the face.

The San Antonio News reports that the punched man (the "punchee") then pulled out his fully loaded, legally registered, and no longer concealed handgun and brandished it at the line-cutting puncher. San Antonio’s finest, however, dispute that allegation, indicating that our gunman, the punchee, pointed his weapon not at the puncher but at the ground.

Of course, the maddened crowd scattered in pandemonium in all directions at first sight of the weapon -- no doubt with visions of mass shootings at theaters, schools and shopping malls flashing through their heads.
Our intrepid line-cutter quickly got the message as well. He had an abrupt change of heart about being first in line after all, and sought cover in the large appliances department. He was seen cowering behind a refrigerator.
And no, our gunman was not detained, arrested, charged, nor even questioned very closely. Why not? Well, after he produced his concealed-carry handgun license, San Antonio's finest practically escorted him back to his spot in line. Shortly thereafter, all of the shoppers returned and re-claimed their selfsame places as well.

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