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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Bath Salts" - just another reason to carry a gun

MIAMI (CBS4) – The drug that made headlines after the causeway cannibal case is back in the news again. This time, North Miami Beach Police said a man believed to be on bath salts stripped nearly naked at a childrens playground and threatened a three-year-old girl with sexual advances.

Police said surviellance video shows Shane Shuyler stripping in the tot lot and then going very close to a three-year-old girl.  The police report said he told the child, “Come here little girl, I want to stick it in you.” The woman fled her with daughter.

The bizarre incident unfolded in the tot lot that is located literally in the back yard of the North Miami Beach Police Department. Police arrested Shuyler and a detective in court said his behavior could be explained through a drug called bath salts.

“In his wallet was what appears to be bath salts,” said the detective. “Upon talking to him, he made some statements to me which led me to believe that he was cooling off in the fountain by the tot lot because he was hot; which is consistent with ingesting bath salts.”

"Bath Salts" are a synthetic form of methamphetamine.  This drug is becoming increasingly popular, and has been seen in a number of crimes making the news recently.  Someone under the influence of bath salts may not be in control of themselves, may act erratically, or be difficult or impossible to stop - as we saw with the causeway cannibal - without deadly force.

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