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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Georgia law requires police to return weapons after seized

SB 350 mandates municipal, county and state police authorities return all seized firearms, not currently being held as evidence in a criminal investigation, to the lawful owner.

On May 3, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal (R) signed SB 350 into law.  Senate Bill 350, which went into effect immediately upon the Governor’s approval, ensures protection for seized firearms.

 If the lawful owner is not found or unable to take possession of the firearm, SB 350 requires these agencies sell these firearms at a public auction to licensed firearms dealers.  Previous Georgia law allowed for seized guns to be immediately destroyed. SB 350 prevents the wasteful and expensive practice of destroying firearms that could be sold to federally licensed firearms dealers.

Thank you to NRA members across the Peach State who contacted their elected officials in support of SB 350. 


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