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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Why do you carry a handgun? Why are you a “prepper?”

By Annie Wan
It seems today that some, especially on the left and in the MSM, want to cast gun owners, CHLs, and “preppers” as “Extremists”.  Somehow, because these individuals are planning for their own safety and survival, they must be crazy.
 This seems much like the grasshopper & the ant scenario, where the ants prepare for the long winter, and the grasshopper has not a care in the world, and simply depends on others for his welfare;  Until winter comes.
We all know how that story goes.  The ants are warm and happy, and the grasshopper is literally out in the cold.  Unlike the fairy tale, the ants won’t be able to take care of the grasshopper in a real world disaster. 



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