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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dont CC into an MRI

An incident occurred in may 2002 at an outpatient imaging center in western New York State, in which a firearm spontaneously discharged in a 1.5-T MR imaging environment with active shielding.

Examination of the weapon by a ballistics laboratory concluded that the force of the magnetic field was responsible for the firearm's discharge. To understand how the gun discharged requires a brief discussion of the firing mechanics of the Colt 1991 A-1.45 caliber pistol and the weapon's safety mechanisms.

At the time the weapon discharged, it was reportedly in a cocked and locked position; that is, the hammer was cocked and the thumb safety was engaged to prevent the hammer from striking the firing pin. A live round was in the chamber. (Many people who choose this weapon for personal protection will carry it in this manner because it allows tem to quickly fire the weapon if needed.)

Safety first!

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